from flower, to jar…

I thought it’d be interesting to buy a jar of honey and find out exactly what had gone into producing that jar.

My idea behind this blog is to record my journey as a (novice) beekeeper, through my first season.

Although for me it’s early days, I’m already obsessed with bees.

I don’t know yet whether I’ll be able to take a crop my first year (although, I hope so) but when I do, I’ll be proud to produce a jar of honey, which I can print on the label.

So I hope you find some interest in my blog

as I record my successes, perils, and some of the many lessons I expect to learn.

I intend to write posts about anything notable during my regular hive inspections as well as explain (to my understanding) any manipulations and management techniques I use.

I’ll also write posts about anything interesting I learn about bees along the way, and any questions I’m asked by friends which I research the answers to.

It takes roughly 25,000 trips back and forth from flowers to make one jar of honey!

Plus I’ll include reviews and thoughts on any alternative/interesting bee products I use (I like gadgets)!

Any pointers and fact checking are welcome, please leave a comment to start a discussion!

Alternatively, I’ll do my best to explain in the comments section if anyone has any questions relating to any of my posts!

The Apiary

Currently consists of 2 national hives, plus one empty box which I hope to catch some rogue swarming bees!

They live in a field, partially shaded by fruit trees, and bordering woodland.

You can probably find my bees foraging throughout Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area!