Apple Blossoming


It’s been three Weeks now since the bees arrived in their new home, and they seem to be settling in really well. I’ve put a pause on feeding them sugar syrup (a little boost to help them draw out wax after moving in) as I’m quite pleased with their current progress. The apple trees have just erupted in full blossom. It’s a really pretty sight, the bees are all over the place collecting lots of apple nectar and pollen! I managed to get down there with my camera and take a few shots…

I heard that after the sun we’ve had for the last three weeks, for the next 4 days we’ll have some heavy rain. Much needed for the plants, and good for the bees also. Although they won’t be able to get out and fly, they’ve had plenty of opportunity since they have arrived, and the extra water for the plants will mean more nectar when it does brighten up again!

I expect to go into the hives and have a look at how they’re getting on this week as soon as the rain has been and gone. So keep posted for later this week!

Check out my gallery page for more shots of the bees!

~ Fraser

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